Rajnikanth’s digital agency failed to gain leverage of his twitter debut

There would be hardly anyone on this Earth, or may be in this universe who hasn’t heard about the superstar Rajinikanth. He has been amongst us with his exemplary movies, email/Facebook/Twitter/Whatsapp jokes. He once again made it to the news though for negative reasons, thanks to the digital/social media agency that launched him on Twitter for his upcoming movie Kochaidaiiyaan. No wonder, the news spread like wildfire and caught attention of not only Twitter users but also mainstream media.

However, the agency mis-handled this campaign, sadly Twitter India also joined the spoilsport and more importantly Rajinikanth made a huge mistake. Here are the ten mistakes of this campaign that became famous for all wrong reasons:

1. Using the same account that was created a year ago

The account @superstarrajini was created a year ago and the agency conveniently thought to reuse the same account. Little did they think about the history of the handle.



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