8 Reasons Your Business Should be Using Infographics

The volume of infographics goes up more than 1% each day. I must confess: I never saw the attraction. It’s not like I didn’t realize infographics had become raging hot. I just didn’t get what the big deal was.

I mean, you take a subject worthy of content creation, sprinkle in some icons, graphs and such and what do you have? A little picture show? A decorated article? A busy page?

What’s so great about these things?

People love them.

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Top 10 Indian Social Media Campaigns of 2014

We’ve seen a rise in integrated social media campaigns in the country that are run in tandem with traditional mediums for a bigger impact. Brands ranging from FMCG to television, telecom, ecommerce, insurance and banking have chosen to experiment and innovate their social engagement levels using storytelling. The year has begun with many firsts in the social media space – first global Twitter recruitment, first digital video commercial, first fully-integrated social bank account, first women only web experience and more.

Here is a random list of 10 of the coolest Indian social media campaigns of Quarter 1, 2014, that have caught our attention for being well aligned to their goals, while also creating engaged communities on social.

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Increase your engagement by 200% – Best time to post on Social media platforms

Have you ever wondered why some posts go viral while others don’t? Well, you won’t have to guess any more.

It has nothing to do with luck, but instead it has everything to do with what you post, the time you’re posting, and even the words you use.

For example, Facebook users prefer posts about positivity, technology, travel, health, and sports. And if you use the words: Facebook, why, most, or how within your posts, you are more likely to get more likes, shares, and comments.

To show you how you can maximize user engagement, I’ve created an infographic that breaks down what you need to do to get more traffic on these platforms.

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6 Facebook contests which will boost your engagement

Photos and videos are great for sustaining interest in your brand on Facebook, but to incentivize people to share about and engage with your Page, a contest is what you need. On digging on the subject of why people “Like” and “Engage” with brands on Facebook, found a great study by market research company Lab42. The top reasons people “Like” a brand on Facebook are promotions/discounts (34% of respondents) and free giveaways (21% of respondents), respectively. And the top reason people said they interacted with a brand on Facebook is to print off coupons. There are top 6 returns on investment (ROIs) which brands achieve by running contests that make them their secret weapon for engagement on Facebook.

1. Increase Fan Base

When you run a great contest that is attractive to your target market, be sure to like-gate it. What is like-gating, you ask? Like-gating is when a potential entrant must ‘like’ your Facebook page in order to take part in the contest you are running. Aircel_Likegate   This is a common practice for many businesses who use contests. If your contest resonates well with your market, a simple ‘like’ to your page will not lead them away. In fact, if the contest really connects, your potential entrant would be more than willing to take the extra step in liking your page. The contestant may even feel a closer emotional bond with your brand by your ask. A contest that connects is good marketing.

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Rajnikanth’s digital agency failed to gain leverage of his twitter debut

There would be hardly anyone on this Earth, or may be in this universe who hasn’t heard about the superstar Rajinikanth. He has been amongst us with his exemplary movies, email/Facebook/Twitter/Whatsapp jokes. He once again made it to the news though for negative reasons, thanks to the digital/social media agency that launched him on Twitter for his upcoming movie Kochaidaiiyaan. No wonder, the news spread like wildfire and caught attention of not only Twitter users but also mainstream media.

However, the agency mis-handled this campaign, sadly Twitter India also joined the spoilsport and more importantly Rajinikanth made a huge mistake. Here are the ten mistakes of this campaign that became famous for all wrong reasons:

1. Using the same account that was created a year ago

The account @superstarrajini was created a year ago and the agency conveniently thought to reuse the same account. Little did they think about the history of the handle.



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Is growing Facebook likes your only strategy?

Tell you what, if you go to my Facebook profile right now, you will see that, over time, I “Liked” at least a dozen high fashion brands and two dozen local attractions including restaurants, hardware stores and a few travel agents. For one, there is this little French restaurant 3 blocks over that I have been meaning to drop by for quite some time now. Then there is dinner cruise I am always thinking I will book one day for my birthday or Valentine’s Day.


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Influencers versus Brand Advocates [Infographics]

With the growth of social media has also this part of the world got their celebrities: the "social influencer". If you manage to convince to mention your product or brand known Twitterer this can make at one time for a lot of attention.

Convince and convert , however, prefer to put on fans that convey your brand: satisfied customers who leave to anyone who will listen to know why they are fans of yours.

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