My First & Last Experience with Swiggy Food Delivery App


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[Disclaimer: Views expressed here are my own & is a result of my experience with the service provider]

It was a lazy Sunday afternoon and my hunger level was raising high with every passing minute and hence, I decided to give it a shot to the new installed Food Delivery App – Swiggy!

It was around 2:15 PM and after 15-20 minutes of exploring the menus, I was able to finalize my order with Cafe Bahar, Hyderabad and got confirmation at 2:39 PM that the order will be delivered in 45 mins.

order - cafe bahar

 After much of a wait, it was more than an hour and still, I didn’t had any clue about my order being delivered. Hence, I tweeted them asking for an update.


Finally after much of a wait and constant nagging on Twitter DM, the order was delivered at 4:19 PMdelivered

And I was more than shocked, looking at the way it had arrived. The Butter Nan was packed in a Newspaper which was wet and half torn by the time it had reached me.


(Agreed that Swiggy has no control over packaging of food, but when as a company you’ve partnered with a restraunt, isn’t your responsibility to control quality of how the food has to be delivered? The newspaper, whose ink was all over the butter nan by the time it reached me, am I supposed to eat food like that? )

However, lets get back to the story..

With much of a anger and frustration, I tweeted the picture and asked the support guys to give me a call, as I had refused to accept the delvery in such pathetic condition.


After much of a wait, I finally received a call from the customer care team and was asked to explain what exactly happened.. Below is the snippet of my telephonic conversation:

Swiggy Support: Sir, I have had a look at the images you’ve posted and indeed this is not something which can be consumed as the food will have chemicals all over it and will be poisonous.. I’m sorry for the inconvinience caused and will make sure to escalate this to my supervisors so that a strict feedback will be given to restraunt.

Me: What happens to the present situation? What am I supposed to do now, as I had been counting on you gives to deliver my lunch. What happens next?

Swiggy Suport: You say, do you want a refund or want to go for replacement?

Me:  I’m hungry AF, getting refund doesnt solve my situation.. However, it is 4:20 PM now and considering that you’ll take another 45 minutes to provide me replacement order, I’m going to starve till death.

Swiggy Support: If you want a replacement.. I’ll manually assign a rider to you and make sure that the order reached you in 30 minutes and will also ensure to pass a strict feedback to hotel so that the food is packed properly.

(Since it had started drizzling outside and I didn’t had much of a choice, I was OK with the offer)

Me: Cool, but please make sure that this time everything goes well and my order reaches in time. Also make sure this time everything should be wrapped in foil papers.

Swiggy Support:  Sure.. Is there anything else, I can help you with..?

 Me: Deliver the food properly, that will do for now.. Also, am I supposed to return all the items which I received, including the gravy?

Swiggy Support: Yes.. You can handover all the items to the delivery guy and I’ll arrange a fresh replacement.

As predicted the replacement was also delayed and had to take constant followups on the status of order. At around 5:30 PM the replacement order finally arrived.

and the saga still continued…


Even after giving such strong feedback in verbal as well as written form, the order arrived in the same manner, wrapped in a newspaper.  However, the drama didn’t end here, this time there was no gravy being delivered.

I had ran out of words, having waited for almost 3 hours and dying of hunger, this was the outcome. The delivery guy who came this time had no clue what was happening, he told that I was just asked to deliver Butter Naan and no instructions were given to me about taking gravy again or how to get the parcel wrapped.

My brain had stopped functionting at this time and I just asked him to take back whatever he has brought and now I have no interest in having food, to which the delivery guy said that, I can get a replacement again and this time it will be quick. I told him, “I wanna have lunch and not dinner my friend”.

and after much of a discussion he left and no sign of communication was seen from Swiggy’s end, post which I asked them to give me a call back.

Now let’s take a pause and do the situational analysis:

  • I had been waiting from 3 hrs in order to get my food delivered & banking upon swiggy
  • By the time this drama ended, it had started raining heavily, thus eliminating the option of me going else where to have food

.. So, after reading through all this you might have to say that everyone once in a while messes things up & at the end we’re human beings and bound to make mistakes! 

True.. Even I believe in the same idea, that is why when I received the order first time, considering it as a one off scenario, I gave them a chance to make things ups.

However, they repeated the same error and this time made it even bigger blunder. Which is why I’m also believer of the though that, “If a person makes an error once, it’s a mistake.. but if the same person repeats that error, it’s habit”

.. What happened next? I had to wait for an hour or so more for the rain to stop and went out and had my lunch aka snacks!

Swiggy Support did call me after some hours asking that can we refund the amount as “Swiggy Money”,  I mean seriously? After all this, you still want business from me?

This situation isn’t just a result of one small delivery error, this is a result series of things went wrong from communication to customer centricity and starups need to focus on such crucial aspects in order to do the damage control.

Wishing Swiggy all the best for future and hope they learn soon from such mistakes.

P.S. They did loose several customers today including me after this incident 🙂


Ammar Kanchwala

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