5 steps to build a rocking digital marketing template

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A recent research showed that shockingly, many organizations are doing digital marketing, but they don’t have a strategy. The reality is that digital channels are still relatively new, so many businesses haven’t responded. It was found that a majority of organizations responding now use a planned approach to digital marketing, but many still don’t.

Start with the customer. Build your plan around customer insights and needs –not around your products and tactics.

Keep it flexible. Situations and plans change, especially online, so ensure plans are usable by a clear vision for the year and keeping detail to a shorter term 90-day focus.

Set realistic goals. Include specific SMART objectives in your plans but keep them realistic by basing them on insights from your analytics, so they’re easy for others to buy into.

Keep it Simple! “Jargon light” is best. Again it helps others buy into what you’re saying.

Keep plans up-to-date. Review and update regularly.

Start with a well-structured approach:

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Step 1: Plan

Create a Digital Marketing Strategy

Select target market segments and personas. Define digital targeting approaches. Define your online value proposition (OVP) including review of business and revenue model, brand positioning and integration with traditional channels.

Step 2: Reach

Grow your audience online

Define key brand messages to grow audience awareness, familiarity and purchase intent. Select relevant targeting approaches. Develop content marketing approach. Define channel integration. Prioritize where you will spend, summarized using a media plan and budget

Step 3: Act

Encourage Brand Interactions and leads

Define customer personas. Define content marketing plan. Create plans for engaging on social media and mobile marketing platforms. Create campaign plan, editorial calendar and outreach plan. Create content assets including video marketing. Create landing pages.

Step 4:Convert

Increase sales through optimization

Define online conversion rate optimization (CRO) approach. Define how key online communications (search, email, social, and mobile) drive sales. Define offline integration paths to purchase.

Step 5:Engage

Build customer loyalty and advocacy

Create customer engagement plan. Create online personalization and merchandising plan. Create customer contact plan (email marketing and social media marketing). Implement or refine personalization rules on desktop and mobile sites. Implement or refine event-triggered personalized emails and e-newsletters.

 Keeping in mind the above simple steps, and bringing in line the strategy and execution of the digital marketing campaign, there can be lot more juiced out of the efforts that the digital marketing teams put in. Feel free to drop your comment/suggestions below.

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