10 Qualities Every Social Media Manager Should Possess


social media manager

Social Media manager is one of the most popular new career choices in India. People that love technology and communication are finding the career choice to be a perfect fit. A lot of people are also finding out that they don’t have what it takes to be a Social Media manager. Here are 10 things we think it takes to be a great social media manager.

1) You’ve got to love it.

Being a Social media manager can be a very demanding job. Because of it’s demands, the person has to really love what their doing.

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2. You’ve got to be Tech Savvy

From Twitter, Snapchat, to WordPress being tech savvy is a MUST to be a great Social Media manager.

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3. You’ve got to be a people person

When you’re a Social Media manager you are constantly talking to people. If talking to people makes you cringe, this job probably isn’t for you.

people person

4. You’ve got to love to research

The Social Media industry changes every day. Reading up on websites like, MashableKissMetrics, Social Media wala and other marketing websites is a must.


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