Hi guys!  My name is Ammar Kanchwala , Certified Google AdWords / Double Click professional and  Inbound Marketing Certified professional. Currently Working as Senior Digital Marketing Specialist with Accenture India.


Thank you for taking the time out to visit my site and find out a little more about me.

My goal is to help you grow and manage your community online using social media. I have created this blog to help you get all the information you need to build relationships, increase your conversations. I will do this by offering you the tools and techniques you need to become a successful social brand both on and offline.

I will bring to you the complete picture of the Indian social media scene backed with relevant insights, by focusing largely on but not limited to – Indian social media news, social media case studies and campaigns, researched articles, social media app reviews, how to’s for social networks and expert interviews from the Indian social media industry.


What’s in it for you?

– Insightful reviews, expert interviews, well-crafted case studies and a bunch of useful tips.

– A guiding hand to leverage your social media presence and build lasting relationships with your consumers.

– Know about the social media efforts undertaken by small and medium businesses as well as large ones.

–  You can build your brand – socially.





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