Twitter Contest Hashtag Analysis on the day of #IndvsAus


Indian cricket fans were eagerly awaiting for IndVsAus match – a mauka for India get into finals. But, on this day in-spite of Indian Twitterati’s tweeting about the match, some brands managed to make noise by conducting contests and trended on this day on Twitter.

Below is the analysis of two hastags –

@IntelIndia – #RunMoreWorldChamps

  • Total POST – 568 ,
  • Reach – 192,956 &
  • Impressions – 1,466,863

Intel_Twitter Most Influential Fans – 

Intel - Influencer


Most Popular Keywords –



#CompareKarTeam – @policybazaar_in

  • Total POST – 500 ,
  • Reach – 244,482 &
  • Impressions – 2,486,668

Compare Kar Team


Top Site & Share of Posts:

Top Site & Share of Posts


Most popular Topics –







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