Rising need of Social Customer Care and How brands are adapting it


My recent encounter with   and  motivated me to write this blog post.

Social media has provided consumers with multiple ways to interact with companies directly and influence peers’ buying decisions. This has put a lot of pressure on businesses to have an active presence social networks. While it’s wise to use social media for customer service, research shows that you shouldn’t give up on more traditional support methods just yet.

Despite that, there are several benefits of offering customers a social support option. A recent study pointed out that, 50 percent of consumers are more likely to buy products or services from a company that they can contact through social media. Additionally, 56 percent of customers who use social media to interact with a business say they feel a stronger connection.

According to Social Bakers Report on socially devoted brands, they have found out the number of brands devoted socially over the past few years.

socially devoted brands

Not all industries are adapting to the growing demand for social customer care at the same rate, and, while certain verticals have their customer care stars, most have a long ways to go. Telecoms are better than the others in terms of adopting Socially Devoted levels of care, and they dominate demand, receiving about 3 times as many questions as the next vertical on both Facebook and Twitter.

industry standards

Amazing examples of How quickly brands reacted when a consumer brought the issue in public forum!

axis bank , linkedin

What can other industries learn from their success? Respond. Respond well and respond fast. This is the only mantra towards social success.

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