In Conversation with Mr. Rikin Shah, Director at Purple Phase Communications, To Understand the client preference for Digital Media in Marketing

purple phase

Purple Phase – a company that transforms business ideas into valuable creative solutions. They bring together the best of marketing, branding and design solutions and take a fresh new look at branding. Rikin Shah, an MBA with an experience of working with leading national advertising agencies, brings on board an insight on marketing techniques, consumer behavior and brand innovations. I caught up with Mr. Rikin Shah for an exclusive interview.

rikin shah

Since How long have you been into Advertising industry?

It has been more than 10 years I have been into advertising industry.

Talking about Purple Phase, what is the current client pool that it operates with?

Purple phase deals with wide range of clients from FMCG, Healthcare and various other sectors.

Does Purple Phase offers complete digital marketing solutions to the companies?

No, as of now we do not offer complete solutions, we have tie ups with other agencies. So when need arises we tie up with them and offer integrated solutions to the clients. Currently we have our in-house social media team but when it comes to Search engine marketing, analytics and Search engine optimization we take help of third party.

Do you plan to go full digital solutions provider?

Yes, In future we do plan to go on and provide full digital solutions to clients. In fact that’s our next key focus area.

What are your thoughts upon the shift happening from traditional media advertising to digital/social media marketing, and how are clients (Ahmedabad based) responding to it?

Ten years back when I was associated with an advertising agency which had vast pool of local and national clients but when it came to spending on digital space a client might only set aside 5 percent of its annual budget. Now that has drastically changed, clients understand the power of digital media and are willing to spend more on various platforms.

What is significant difference in spending done upon digital platforms with respect to clients in Ahmedabad?

It depends from client to client as, we deal with a brand who has 100 outlets across India. Now, for them going for a print advt. is a huge expense but they choose to spend a very significant amount of budget on digital space. On the other hand, local saloons choose to go more print based rather going digital.

What is Ahmedabad based client’s perspective about digital marketing?

They aren’t yet that much professional when compared to Mumbai and Delhi based organizations. Here a typical business man will want best work in cheapest cost and also it is now the time when they have started realizing about advertising, so it will still take time when they will adopt this medium. There are a handful of organizations which do understand the importance of this medium and are ready to spend.

Being Ahmedabad’s Business houses focusing more on ROI, how do you convey the benefits of going digital in terms of ROI to them?

We convey them that this a community building platform so it is more about building relationship here rather than getting sales. It is 60% Relationship/engagement and 40% brand selling. For example, if you are Coke and your brand communication is going as ‘Open Happiness’ so here you wouldn’t try and sell coke, you will spread the same message here in and effective way and spread the word. On the other hand if you are an e-commerce website like jabong then, your communication would be more sales centric.

As an agency do you suggest client upfront to set aside budget for digital campaigns?

Yes, we do actively suggest client to go digital. We educate them and in fact even some of them have started understanding the importance of this medium

Where does agencies fail to deliver the services?

‘Over Promise’. Many a times just for the sake of getting the client the agency does all the fake promises but when it comes to the delivery part they fail which leads to client dissatisfaction and pollutes the whole ecosystem.

Does freelancers are a potential threat to you?

Yes! But it’s just not a threat to advertising agency , this problem is faced by every industry you talk about and these people come and go, it all depends upon the organization that how firm they stick to their core values and create differentiation in the market and stand out from the rest.

Does digital marketing offering organizations are threat to you?

Yes. They are a big threat to us and as I said we are taking it seriously and digital is our next key focus area.

Is traditional advertising going to get vanished?

No. That probably is never going to happen, may be if the ratio of spending as of today is 60:40 for print and digital it may get reversed. But it is never going to vanish. For example, if a new e-commerce portals comes up today, how are they going to reach to masses? – Through Banners / TVC’s. It is going towards more towards integrated marketing communication, and that is where the success of any campaign lies in.

With the advent of technology today, there are so many websites or software’s that are offering likes at cheap rate and in bulk. What is your take upon this?

According to me, it’s a big NO-NO! For any brand to go for methodology, because at the end of the day what ultimately my objective is to create a pool of loyal and engaging community. And by getting indulge in such activity you are just increasing your like quotient, but a simple question one should ask themselves is that – ‘Is it really offering me any benefit in any manner?’. The answer to this always will be a No!

Where do you see the future is?

Mobile is going to be the future. As we see today most of the companies have understood this phenomenon and are going for ‘mobile first’ strategy and apps play a significant role in this.



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